Restore Antique Furniture in Denver, CO

You can't put a price on antique furniture. If you want to keep your precious pieces, but think they updating, you need furniture restoration services from Rico's Upholstery. We'll take your aged furniture and make it new again! Keep the personality and uniqueness of your old chairs and tables, but help them stand the test of time.


Do you need us to refinish that furniture too? We've got you covered! Our furniture experts will hand strip and sand by hand, then stain the piece to your desire. Make your furniture your own, but keep its personality.

Refinishing your furniture is more important than most customers realize. In addition to maintaining appearance, refinishing serves many purposes. One purpose is: sanitation. A true, wooden surface has tiny holes that dust, dirt, and grime can get into without you even knowing it. Having our crew refinish your furniture means you can have those tiny holes sealed!

Another purpose for refinishing is ensuring its stability. As our wooden furniture dries, it can actually shrink. And as it takes moisture in, it expands. Getting your furniture refinished can make sure the wood does not warp or get damaged.

Having your furniture refinished allows it to stay beautiful for longer. Don't wait any longer- call 303-455-3236 today!
For further information on restoration and refinishing services, call 303-455-3236 today.